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Chris Inman from Classic Strategic Media and Mike Schaler of Akron Drone Services discuss what is involved with being a commercial drone pilot and some information when hiring a drone pilot for your production.

Not sure if need to hire a commercial drone pilot? Call Akron Drone Services at 330-715-0897 and we can help you understand what the legalities are for your application.

First Things First,
Questions to Ask a company before hiring them for drone work

Protect yourself and your company

Everyone has a drone now, right? Well, yes, it seems like everyone from the neighborhood kids to grandpa has one now.

So it might seem like just about anyone can fly a drone and even take pictures and shoot video. Well, that might be true if you only are recording video or pictures for fun or a hobby. However, if you want to use a drone for any commercial work, the drone operator, or Remote Pilot in Command, must be licensed by the FAA.

The FAA defines using a drone for work very broadly. Some interpretations of their stand on what is work vs hobby use has been hotly debated. The way we understand the rules are that any use for promotion, monetary gain or any type of compensation is commercial work and needs a licensed drone pilot.

This would even include something seemingly insignificant as using a photo from a drone on your business website a buddy gave you of your building.

There are many more examples of uses that might not seem like commercial use but might be considered so by the FAA.

Not sure if what you want to do yourself or have a friend do would be legal under the new FAA rules? Call us at 330-715-0897 and we can help find out for you.

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