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An Osmo is a stabilized camera system like you'll find on a drone. It uses a gyro & gimbal for taking vibrations and jerkiness out of video. We use both a UHD 4K Osmo+ or the Osmo mobile version with a cell phone camera depending on the application. The 4K Osmo+ has a zoom lens and is able to be controlled remotely for shooting without even being in the same room!

The Osmo stabilizers are a great alternative when it is not possible to use a drone due to airspace restrictions or environment obstacles.

Coming Soon:The Wiral Cam!

The Wiral Cable Camera system allows a remotely controlled camera to operate on a cable or line attached between 2 points of up to 150 yards apart. We can operate in airspace where drones are restricted or not allowed to get dramtic shots with either our Osmos or 360 degree cameras!

Commercial Real Estate Aerial Video

Aerial Video to showcase a commercial property for agent listing

Commercial real estate aerial photography

Aerial Photography for Commercial Real Estate

Wadsworth, OH Commercial Real Estate Client aerial photography

Commercial Real Estate Video

Commercial Real Estate vacant lot video

Alternative to Aerial Video Production

We couldn't fly at night so we used our Osmo in Cleveland for this video

Corporate Commercial real estate aerial photography

Corporate Commercial Real Estate Photography

Corporate Commercial Real Realtor needed aerial photography-Madison, OH

Drone Video for Real Estate

Exterior Drone Video & Interior Stabilized Moving Video in The Villages, FL

Sprint car racing 360 videos

360 Video Production

360 Camera Mounted in a 900 HP Winged Sprint Car!

Commercial Construction Video

Aerial video to provide progress on constuction of this restaurant

Aerial Video for Realtors

Exterior Drone Video with Interior Pictures in The Villages, Florida

Video chimney inspections by drone

Aerial Visual Inspections

Roofing, Chimney, Gutters - See places with dangerous or difficult access

Showcase Homes From New Angles

This video put together with Our Drone and Realtor Supplied Interior Pictures

Drone pictures for realtors

Exterior Only Drone Photo Packages

For Realtors desiring a lower price point, select an exterior only drone photo package

Commercial real estate video production

Photography for Commercial Realtors

We provide our commercial real estate clients with aerial photos for brochures & Power Point presentations.

Inspect the top of water towers with drones

Water Tower Visual Inspections

Municipalities can save time and money using our drones for safe visual inspections of water towers

Commercial strip plaza aerial photography

Strip Plaza in Oberlin, Ohio

Photos contracted for a commercial real estate client from Missouri

timelapse video cleveland

Time Lapse from Osmo Mobile

Motion Time Lapse of Public Square in Cleveland Ohio

timelapse video cleveland

Driving Video with 4K UHD Osmo Plus

Osmo+ on a car driving on Euclid Ave by Playhouse Square, Cleveland OH

Aerial Photography for Race Tracks

Thompson Kart Raceway - Thompson, OH

360 Video Production

Testing Our New 360 Video Camera starts with a Tiny Planet effect!

Could you use some great aerial images for your next project?

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Aerial video and drone photography

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